Cell phone tracker: existing opportunities and new possibilities

Cell phone tracker: existing opportunities and new possibilities

Cell phone tracker programs: what is new? What is next?

Maybe you already know many of existing features of cell phone trackers, but do you know all? Review and learn more! It will help you to understand if you have the latest and up-to-date version of your spyware. It will help you to choose the best one if you are only planning to obtain it.

Some common features of spyware that you need to know about

Consider and get to know about the main features first. You decision about obtaining of this or that software may be based on what is already widely available on the market, especially if you are planning to get the free versions of spy apps.

Simulation of sms

You may make a controlled phone to secretly send SMS to any number. Outgoing SMS will not be seen or heard, and the number will be not stored in the journal of calls.

Simulation of call

You can make a controlled phone to invisibly call to any number. Such call also will not be seen or heard, as well as the number will not be saved.

Blocking of sms

You may set a blacklist of words and the program shall block the incoming SMS from that list.

Blocking of calls

In the same way you can set the black list of numbers or contacts, and the program shall block the incoming calls from this list.
Of course the list of common features can be wider. You can browse for them on the web in order to learn more. Here we shall concentrate on the features that are still being developed by many providers.

What can the providers still be working on?

The following features are available not in all versions and not among all providers. Though, they can be still in development in the company you trust. Get to know!

Auto Update

Cell phone tracker will be automatically updated to a new version that appeared. It can be possible even without root access, rebooting of the device and any visible or audible signs.

Freebies and promotions

Some providers are working on the possibility to provide a free use of some versions of their spyware on the condition of its promotion through reposting by users in social networks.

SMS management in the new versions of Android

The companies are also working on providing hidden SMS commands on the versions of Android 4.4 and upper.

Task killer

This feature is being developed to block any applications (antiviruses, etc).

Protection permits for Android 6

Feature to prevent the program being deleted while switching off the permissions for programs on Android 6.0.

Protection from reset

Protection from reset to factory settings.


Feature of self-destruction of the program in case of necessity.

Automated Technical Support

The option of technical support directly on the program server with a built-in bot.

Disguise of energy and traffic consumption

It will allow for the program to hide energy and internet traffic consumption in such a way that it will not be seen neither in device’s settings, not by any Clean Master or any other program.
As you can see, a lot has been made already and lots of features are still being developed by providers. Some succeed more, the others less. You can choose to work with the leader of the industry or just find what is convenient for you. The support is important for many users who are new to such programs. Take all that into consideration in order to choose the best for you depending on own requirements for your spy activity!

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