What unique features and benefits will Spy Apps for Android give to you?

What unique features and benefits will Spy Apps for Android give to you?

It is important to know not only main features of spy software, but unique benefits that the modern spy programs give to you. Wherever you need to spy on one’s phone, knowledge of additional opportunities will help you to make the best choice among existing software.

Anti conflict of microphone: one of the most important feature to be sure of

On Android only the best application can record sound. For example, if on your demand on the controlled device the recording is being made and at that moment the observed person wants, for example, to record a video on the camera or send the voice message from WhatsApp, he will not be able to do it. He will be notified with the message “microphone in used by another application” and that will cause too many questions from the side of that person.

To avoid this, you need to be sure that your spy program possess a unique monitoring function that pauses the recording of your demand, release it for another application and immediately resumes its work after the exit of the conflict application.

Get to know the most important, don’t forget about additional

Here are some features that are really important in Spy Apps for Android programs:

Hidden Calls

You can call to the device on which the spy program is installed from your phone and quietly listen to what is happening around. For example: you call your child, and he/she is not answering the call. So, you turn on the “hidden call” function, re-call the child’s number and with the feature of listening to surrounding you can find out whether your child is in danger or not.

Control of any application

Be sure that with your Spy Apps for Android you will be able to control absolutely any application simply by specifying its name in the list of monitored ones. Like that you will not be begging the developers for them to provide support of wiretapping of this or that particular application.

Obtaining all the information installed

The progressive spy program will extract all the information that exists on the person’s device (even that one which was put there before you installed it on their phone). So, you will be able to see all previous SMS, the whole history of visited sites, contact book, calendar, notes, installed applications, photos, audio and video.

Keylogger and notifications interception

Keylogger records typed text. Until recent time it existed the opinion that key logger function for Android can’t be made. But nowadays this feature is implemented on some spyware. You do not need root access. No need to install third-party keyboards.

All incoming notifications from any application can be intercepted. Thus, if the controlled device doesn’t have a root access, the interception of notifications together with key logger will show you almost all the correspondence in any application.

No need in root access

Obtaining a root access is a difficult, dangerous and long procedure. Rooted devices lose their warranty. Therefore, you need to be sure that almost all features of your Spy Apps for Android work without root access.

There are much more features and benefits of spyware. For whatever you need it, be sure to get to know maximum of information about its features. You can browse on Internet or turn to the help for professionals. On the market nowadays there are free and payment spy software, thus only the knowledge of main, additional and unique features can help you to distinguish the best program that meets all your requirements.

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